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The Front End Operations

Front End

Nuclear fuel fabrication includes several stages: uranium mining, uranium conversion into UF4 and subsequently into UF6, uranium enrichment, and fuel fabrication. After the fuel has been used in the power plant, it is treated and recycled to fabricate new fuel.

The Front End of the fuel cycle combines the operations of uranium chemistry, conversion and enrichment.

Within New AREVA, the conversion and enrichment operations are performed at the Tricastin - Malvési industrial platform: the AREVA Malvési plant is located in the Aude Department and the AREVA Tricastin plant is in the Drôme department.

Key business figures

(Data at 12/31/2016)

  • 26% of the AREVA group’s consolidated revenue in 2016

  • More than 2,000 employees in France

The activities Conversion - Enrichment

The Front End operations precede the final stage of fuel fabrication for nuclear power stations.

Conversion-Enrichment activities details

The Front End operations include uranium chemistry, conversion and enrichment services.

Front End records

Records present the AREVA striking performances within the Front End.



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