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Uranium chemistry

Man alongside fluorine electrolysis cells

The Chemistry Business Unit (BU) is involved at various stages in the nuclear fuel cycle. On the front end, its main activity is the conversion of natural uranium, supplied by the Mining business group, into uranium hexafluoride, a precondition for uranium enrichment. The BU's know-how has also allowed it to develop activities in non-nuclear chemistry. On the back end, it plays a part in the recycling of uranium from used fuel.

Technician near a flame reactor in a plant for conversion of UF4 into UF6

The conversion of natural uranium into uranium hexafluoride takes place in 2 stages. The Chemistry business unit is a world leader in this market.

Storage tanks for oxygenated water for the conversion of uranyl nitrate

The transformation of depleted uranium and the recycling of the uranium recovered from used fuel round out New AREVA's nuclear chemistry offer.


 "Comurhex II" brochure

The future factory of conversion of the uranium COMURHEX II is a key element of the strategy of AREVA in the service of his customers.