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Nuclear fuel

UO2 pellets

AREVA’s Fuel Business Unit has expertise in every aspect of the nuclear fuel design and fabrication process, from the production of zirconium and its alloys to the fabrication of the final fuel assembly and the supply of related services to nuclear reactor operators. AREVA is one of a world leader in this field. The Fuel teams in France, Germany and the United States are pursuing the same objective: on-time supply of a high-quality product meeting the most stringent safety and environmental protection standards.


AREVA is an expert in every aspect of the fuel assembly design and fabrication process.

grid and tube for assemblies

In addition to fuel design, AREVA handles safety analyses and fuel maintenance services during use in the reactor.

htp fuel assembly

AREVA supplies a wide range of fuel assemblies for light water reactor.

Sheets of zirconium for the fabrication of fuel assembly tubes

One of the advantages of AREVA’s integrated offer is its skill in zirconium alloy manufacturing.


The AREVA’s Fuel Business Unit

It provides the customer with comprehensive fuel design and fabrication and related services.


Fuel solutions: safe and reliable

Within the AREVA group, Fuel activities manage all processes related to the design and the manufacturing production of nuclear fuel assemblies.