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AREVA Malvési: the first step in the conversion of uranium

Natural uranium drums prior to conversion in front of the COMURHEX Malvési site

The AREVA Malvési industrial site provides the first step in the conversion of uranium concentrate taken from mining sites into uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) for electricity companies across the globe. This transformation is carried out at the AREVA Pierrelatte industrial site (in France's Drôme region), which converts the uranium tetrafluoride into uranium hexafluoride (UF6), the final step before enrichment.

Air treatment facility, natural uranium conversion into UF4

Operations: the conversion of natural uranium

The Malvési plant purifies the uranium ore concentrate to a very high level. It then carries out the first step in the fluorination process.

Flag of the ISO 14001 certification standard


AREVA Malvési has been awarded multiple certifications which guarantee that its operations meet the strictest of environmental and social standards.

COMURHEX Malvési natural uranium to UF4 conversion plant

Environmental monitoring

AREVA Malvési strives to limit the impact of its activities on the environment. The surrounding environment is subject to constant monitoring.

COMURHEX Malvési natural uranium to UF4 conversion plant

Sustainable development

In keeping with New AREVA's commitments, the site of Malvési has implemented measures for environment, safety and health-security.

Spread of information

AREVA Malvési publishes an environmental, social and corporate report every year.

3D illustration of the future COMURHEX II plant in Malvési

Dialogue with stakeholders

AREVA Malvési maintains constant dialogue with its stakeholders: public inquiry, CLIC, CLIGEET, reports, etc.

AREVA Malvési natural uranium to UF4 conversion plant


Since 1959, the AREVA Malvési plant has undergone a number of changes, leading up to the launch of the COMURHEX II project.

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