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Front-end activity records

Installation of the smokestack during construction of the Georges Besse II plant

The New AREVA Front-End Business Group combines activities associated with the conversion and enrichment of uranium and with the design and manufacturing of fuel for nuclear reactors. Innovation, attention to environmental concerns, process development: the documents detail the group's noteworthy achievements in the sector.

Georges Besse II enrichment plant

The Georges Besse II plant uses a new uranium enrichment process: centrifugation.

Depiction of the future COMURHEX II plant in Malvési

The construction of the Comurhex II plant is a testament to New AREVA's commitment to modernizing and renovating its uranium conversion facilities.

Depiction of the US enrichment facility, Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock plant : an important building project about an enrichment plant in the United States.


Display of the new factory "Georges Besse II"

The Georges Besse II facility will take enrichment activity at AREVA into a new era.