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The Fuel business around the world

As a major international player, AREVA's Fuel business unit has resources and industrial facilities in France, Germany, and the United States. This organization allows us to develop a global strategy to serve our customers and meet their expectations.

AREVA plant in Richland, WA, USA

AREVA Inc. Richland

AREVA Inc. Richland's operations are centered around the nuclear fuel production. It is headquartered in Washington state.

View of the exterior of the CERCA Pierrelatte facility

CERCA: fuel for research

AREVA group member CERCA is primarily engaged in the fabrication and provision of fuel for research reactors throughout the world.

Fuel assembly, FBFC Romans

FBFC : fuel assembly manufacturer

On its sites in France and Belgium, FBFC, a full subsidiary of AREVA, produces fuel assemblies for pressurized water reactors

Fuel assembly inspection at the FBFC plant in Dessel

FBFC Dessel: fuel assemblies

The main activity at the Belgian FBFC site, located in Dessel, is production of fuel assemblies for pressurized water reactors (PWRs).

Bar code reader on TWLP for MELOX fuel assembly, FBFC Pierrelatte

FBFC Pierrelatte: fabrication of components

FBFC Pierrelatte produces components for nuclear fuel assemblies destined for various group sites, such as the Romans and Dessel sites.

Entrance of the FBFC Romans site

AREVA Romans: fuel assemblies

AREVA Romans produces UO2 powder as well as pellets, nozzles, fuel rods, and fuel assemblies for PWRs.

Compacting of zirconium sponge, CEZUS Ugine

The Fuel Zirconium Division: the leader in zirconium metalworking

The Fuel Zirconium Division, a specialist in all stages of zirconium metalworking, has 5 sites in France.

Furnace control room, CEZUS Jarrie

Jarrie: fabrication of zirconium sponges

The Jarrie facility is primarily engaged in the manufacture of zirconium sponges. It is located in the Rhône-Alpes region, in southeastern France.

Pilger rolling mill and furnace, CEZUS Montreuil-Juigné facility

Montreuil-Juigné: zirconium pilgering

The site in Montreuil-Juigné, in the Maine-et-Loire department, specializes in pilgering zirconium billets.

Crating room, CEZUS Paimboeuf


The site in Paimboeuf, located between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, specializes in the production of zirconium-alloy tubes.

Integrated hot rolling mill for zirconium plates CEZUS, RUGLES-FRANCE

Rugles: manufacture of flat products

The site in Rugles, in the regional department of Eure, specializes in the manufacture of flat products originated from pilgering.

Aerial view of the CEZUS Ugine facility

Ugine: melting and forging

The site in Ugine, in the Savoie department, specializes in melting and forging zirconium, titanium, tantalum, and hafnium.

Man in the CEZUS research center

Research center

The research center is located in Ugine, Savoie department, France. Its work focuses on the development of zirconium-based alloys and processes.

Close-up of fuel assembly rods at the Lingen plant in Germany

ANF: 2 sites dedicated to BWRs and PWRs

ANF, a German subsidiary of AREVA, owns 2 facilities dedicated to BWRs and PWRs. They are located in Karlstein, and Lingen.

Fuel assembly in the ANF Lingen plant

ANF Lingen: fuel assemblies

ANF Lingen, a German subsidiary of the AREVA group, specializes in the manufacture of components for fuel assemblies

Inspection of grids in the ANF Karlstein facility

ANF Karlstein

The ANF site in Karlstein produces spacer grids and end grids for BWRs.