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Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector : Simple. Compact. Durable. Reliable.

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AREVA Solar’s core technology, the Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar collector and steam generation system, uses modular flat reflectors to focus the sun's heat onto elevated receivers (1), which consist of a system of tubes through which water flows (2). Then concentrated sunlight boils the water and generates superheated steam(3). 

  • Features
  • Land Efficiency

    Land Efficiency

    • Most land efficient solar technology
    • Less grading required than other CSP technologies
    • Up to 50% more energy production per acre than competing technologies

  • Design Simplicity

    Design simplicity

    • Direct steam generation from water as the working fluid means simple steam cycle integration and fewer parasitic, heat exchanger, and pumping losses
    • Fixed receiver design eliminates problems with flexible hoses and ball joints
    • Simple integration with existing power stations

  • Environmental Benefits

    Environmental Benefits

    • No synthetic working fluids eliminates risk of hazardous spills
    • CLFR solar field is VOC Emissions free, simplyfying permitting
    • Water as working fluid elminates synthetic or molten salts and risk of hazardous spills
    • Closed loop system and dry cooling capability to conserve water

  • Low Wind Profile

    Low Wind Profile

    • Low elevation of mirrors above the ground reduces wind loads
    • Fully rotating, steel-back reflectors minimize the wind attack profile and collection of dust and dirt
    • Fully Automated manufacturing ensures rapid, high-quality production and installation

  • Materials and Construction

    Standard Commodity Materials and Construction Techniques

    • Standard commodity materials and construction techniques for lower cost and high localization
    • Low curvature reflector design for lower cost
    • Galvanized steel frames provide utility-grade strength and life
    • Fully automated manufacturing ensures rapid, high-quality production and installation

CSP REFERENCE PLANT : 250 MWe = 890 Acres = 360 Hectares

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TEP Selects AREVA Solar as Technology Partner for Innovative CSP Booster Project