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New AREVA, a responsible company committed to the extractive industries transparency initiative (EITI)

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The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is an international multi-party organization composed of representatives of governments, businesses, investors, civil society organizations and other partner organizations. The mission of this structure is to improve the governance of the extractive industries and its aim is to promote transparent and responsible management of the revenues generated by the natural resources of the country.

The TI has introduced a global standard for monitoring and reconciling the payments made by the companies to the States and the revenues received by the governments from the extractive industries.

In June 2003, New AREVA became one of the first multinational corporations to participate in the EITI. In 2013, three countries in which the Group has mining operations committed themselves to this responsible initiative.


EITI: standards to increase transparency

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative was created in 2003 to address the issue of transparency of payments in the extractive industries.


New AREVA’s support for the EITI

In keeping with its commitment to transparency in relation to all its stakeholders, New AREVA has participated in the EITI since 2003 and is one of its supporting businesses. The ICMM, of which New AREVA is a member, is represented on the ITIE board of directors and on its various committees.